Garden Valley & Isle Seafood Inc is a Honolulu based major exporter and importer of the finest seafood of the Pacific. Over the past 12 years, our firm has established itself as a fine quality company with the knowledge and experience to serve a vast clientele. Our shipping connections allow deliveries of fresh seafood within 24 hours to our customers on the West Coast. Also, we ship to the East Coast and around the globe on a daily basis. We offer a variety of seafood products from our sources in New Zealand, Japan, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Pacific region. Additionally, we import products from Costa Rica, Canada, Chile, the Pacific Rim, and many other islands in the South Pacific.

In several cases we have been granted exclusive rights to market specific products in Hawaii.

Our product line is not limited to just fresh fish and frozen seafood. We also distribute sauces to compliment fish, smoked seafood items, Maui onions and seaweed are also available for local and mainland establishments. Our firm also distributes many dried flavor additives that enhance the cooking of seafood or meat dishes.

Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc. supplies the freshest pacific island fish to all our clients. The vast variety available to us makes our fishery one of the most unique and high volume in the world.
Garden & Valley Isle Seafood are hook and line-caught, no gill nets, trawl nets or seine nets are used. We constantly strive to anticipate and exceed expectations for sustainable fishery management and to pioneer mitigations that reduce environmental impacts and trace our seafood products directly to registered vessels that are accountable to government regulations and intensive monitoring by fishery observers.

From our HACCP Certified Facility, fresh fish and seafood are handled with the utmost care ensures you receive highest grade and freshest fish at your door step. From sashimi grade ahi to Opah, Mahi-mahi, and Swordfish, Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc. makes sure we are able to sustain your food service requirements on a daily basis.